derpy's script loader

derpy's script loader (DSL) is a script loader for Bully: Scholarship Edition (PC). It aims to take away all of the hassle and limitations that used to come with scripting the game.
For more information, see the about page and be sure to read the readme.txt that comes with the download. Also check out the discord to stay updated, share mods, and ask questions.

Versions with an S do not have any system access functionality. Although these features are off by default and the user must explicitly enable it in their config, non-S versions may still trip anti-virus software and are only recommended if you know what you're doing.

The current client version is derpy's script loader 9 - S.

The current server version is derpy's script server 9 - S.

If you need some other version, see all versions.

Lua 5.0.2

Bully uses Lua 5.0.2 with LUA_NUMBER set as a 4 byte floating point, and a few other differences that don't affect the way you'd compile or run scripts.
You can download a pre-compiled binary for the compiler and stand-alone interpreter.

Both of these tools are command line tools made for Windows, meaning they will only run using Windows' command prompt. If you don't know how to use the command prompt, consider checking out the tutorial.

You can run luac.exe without passing any arguments to get the help dialogue.
The most common usage looks like luac -o ArcRace1.lur source.lua, which will compile source.lua into ArcRace1.lur.

You can run lua.exe by itself to run Lua in interactive mode, letting you write code that gets instantly executed.
You can also run a script by doing something like lua script.lua, where script.lua is the script you want to run.